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A letter from the founder

Ay, what's up.

My name is Nathan or JooHyung and I'm the creator of the travel-streetwear brand Hyphenate. I've been working on Hyphenate for a long time now and I'm so excited to finally share it with everyone!

In 2019, I was a Data Analyst/Project Manager at Lyft. Around the time of Lyft's IPO, I was working long hours and spent more time working than anything else. I realized I can spend that amount time and effort on making my own dreams rather than someone else's. Thank you Lyft, but peace out.

After leaving Lyft, the way I figured out what I wanted to do was by asking myself these two questions: What was the best decision I made? What was personally my biggest accomplishment to date?

The answer to the best decision I made was moving to Korea to experience and reclaim my culture. The biggest accomplishment for me was to learn how to speak, read, understand Korean so that I can communicate with my family and community in their mother tongue with a genuine understanding of their culture.

Then I started to think to myself, what if I could create a brand that celebrates being multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and even multi-national? What if I could create a brand that inspires people to travel to their "motherland"?

From there, Hyphenate was born. Hyphenate is for people that feel like a "Third-Culture Kid" or for anyone that's been asked "where are you from-from". You can feel like you belong with us at Hyphenate. We care about your story.

Our first product the Street-Slang is a literal metaphor for how it might feel to be a hyphenated individual. The monochrome shell is tough and yet unassuming, but the colorful interior is bright like the culture and tradition we carry within us. The bag packs a ton of functions and features, to represent the way we have to be versatile and adaptable to survive. While also looking fresh and clean, because that's just how we do things! Yeeeee

We've finally launched the Street-Slang on Kickstarter and we're excited for you all to get your hands on it to hear what you think! The expected delivery is April 2021, so hopefully by then there will be a little more possibility to travel safely!

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