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#1 Ebraheem's Story

#1 Ebraheem's Story

The picture on this shirt was taken by Ebraheem and was posted on his Instagram account on October 22, 2023.


In an effort to make it possible for people to support people in Gaza directly, ALL 100% of profits gathered from the purchase of this shirt will be sent directly to Dr. Ebraheem Matar's personal bank account. He is currently still in Gaza. The goal and vision for this type of support is to find more pictures that were captured by the people in Gaza and to try and build a direct stream of revenue support to that individual person. The first person we are trying out this method of support is with Ebraheem. 


Ebraheem Matar's story:


"I am 27 years old. I’m still a young doctor.


Just I need normal life back.


Some patients may die because of infection in the wound. Why there is infection in the wound? Because there is lack of antibiotics.


One of the scenes I have witnessed is seeing chloride using in the wiping the floors or wiping the windows. We use it for the cleaning of wound infections. Other example I have seen, nurses and doctors using vinegar to treat wound infections. And I am sure it is not enough. It will not treat anything.


Two days ago, we got a patient with no one of her family alive.


She came alone. 11-year-old. She was disoriented. No one knows the name. And she was in the recovery with no beds. The general manager of the hospital called me and said, I know this is not your case, but please can you take care of this little girl? She has no one here.


Even there is a new medical term that we are having. It must be added to medical books. WCNSF.


Wounded Child, No Surviving Family.


And it happens every hour. I have seen dozens or even hundreds of WCNSF.


Who cares for them, actually there is no answer for this question. We don’t even know their names sometimes. So who will care for them? So far, no one. I have seen two kids who are severely injured.


Those two kids do not know that their father and mother and all their siblings have died. They were unconscious at the time of the bombing. And now, they are conscious. They are receiving treatment. But simply, they do not know. And all the people around them did not tell them in order they are kids and they cannot handle the pain of the injury or the psychological pain of the grief.


The first is 13-year-old female who is having a severe comminuted fracture. The other, her brother, is a 14-year-old who is having a severe head trauma and a brain hemorrhage. But now, they are both conscious and receiving treatment. And they do not know that their family, father, and mother, siblings, house, all are destroyed.


Just we tell them that, you are going to see them soon. Just in order not to make them feel sad. It is painful, hiding the truth. It is to some sort of deceiving. But sometimes, you may do things that are not appropriate at that moment and may be appropriate later.


Now, it is a new casualty. And many paramedics are doing CPR. And it is for a child. Yes, it is for a child.


Many paramedics are rushing the child into the emergency department, and they are doing CPR. It is a wounded child. And it seems there is no surviving family.


It looks like 10 years old.


People, doctors and paramedics in the hospital are speaking about a new bombing. And there is dozens of new casualties are in the —some time, and they will reach the hospital. And new cases, we are now waiting new cases.


I did not go home since the start of the conflict. So I feel tired emotionally, physically, mentally, and on all aspects. I did not see my family since 7 October.


They are in the North of Gaza Strip. They did not leave the North.


They are OK. So far, I don’t know what is happening later. And I feel very anxious about them. And every time in the hospital, I think of them, and I hope they are fine.


In this conflict, the first thing is that I don’t want to die in cold blood. I am an innocent person. The second thing is I’m afraid on my family. I don’t want my family to get injured or to die. Because they are also innocent. We are afraid on our families more than we are afraid on ourselves. And we don’t just want to die in cold blood.


I mean that we are not targets. We are not targets. We, as normal civilian, humans, we need a ceasefire. We need the conflict to end and to have a normal life.


A normal life that includes staying safe at home, drinking clean water, seeing my friends, doing picnics, sleep in a calm room, sleep without the sounds of bombings, going to work, returning back from work, playing football or soccer with my friends, going to the beach.


Every day, I used to go there and smell a breeze of the beach and listen to the sounds of waves, listen to music. I missed listening to music. I’m a music lover. And I love poetry. I miss writing about love, about dreams. I was going to the gym before the conflict started. I miss going to the gym. Actually, the gym I go to has been destroyed today. I don’t know why. So I’m just going to the gym.


I am 27 years old. I’m still a young doctor.


Just I need normal life back.


Now, I can see the child who I told you about is being taken to the place of dead people.


Into the place of dead people.


My friend who was working with him, he is giving me a sign that he’s dead.


It is sad. It is very sad.


Because a young child.


There is no time to get sad over every case.


Thank you for giving me the chance to listen to me.


It’s my privilege. Good night and wish a good night for me also."


You can listen to Dr. Ebraheem Matar's story of what it's like working as a resident ICU doctor at Al-aqsa Martyrs Hospital in the middle of the Gaza Strip (he starts speaking at 19:45):


Backstory about why we're sending support

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