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Thoughts & Feelings Journal

Thoughts & Feelings Journal

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     The 80-page Thoughts & Feelings Journal is for everyone that wants/needs to express themselves offline away from social media, away from the machine, away from the system. It's only 80 pages, so the likelihood of actually finishing it is much higher than your typical 200-280 page journals. 


     The side for your THOUGHTS is laid out as a bullet journal so you can be organized, structured, and clear. There are some diagrams in the front to help focus your mind and a letter from me to encourage you to express your ideas and your story!


     The side for your FEELINGS is all blank except for only a box in the corner that says "I did a thing today!". There is a "Feeling Wheel" to help you identify how you might be feeling and a drawing by me of my room in San Francisco to encourage you to express yourself in any way you feel comfortable! Draw, paint, doodle, anything! 


And in the center of the journal, your thoughts and feelings meet, which is the most powerful hyphenate a person can have: a connection between mind and heart

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