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The Connection: Going Beyond Travel

Going Beyond Travel

Travel can be a significant investment. Especially in a time like this, travel can seem scary if you have never been to a place before. So why not leverage the experience of someone who has been where you’re going—someone who is where you want to be? They’ve already gone on the journey; you’re just starting out on the journey. Why not collaborate?

That’s the way we see travel at Hyphenate. It’s easier to go somewhere if you know someone that has already gone, or is there currently. Going somewhere is about connecting. You want to connect with the place you’re going, the people who live there, and with a part of yourself that you may not have even known was there. As Hyphenate grows, our extended family will include a group of enthusiastic people who can connect with travelers to show them a journey unique to them. You share stories with one another—so you can discover and live yours.

At Hyphenate, we believe in embracing the connections of all of our different identities: race, national, class, spiritual, and personal. We embrace the this-that label we each gain when we use the cup of our past to drink the water of our present. Trying something new can be scary.

Traveling for the first time can be overwhelming. Shedding light onto our own personal blindspots can be daunting. We believe that if more people take on the challenge of embarking, exploring, and living their Hyphenate journey, the world will be a more inclusive, empathetic, and loving place. That’s the world we want to help create: a world of intentionality and authenticity.

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